Research Products

Following research projects/products of students were showcased at DICE -NED University under HEC 15 years

Celebration on 27th September . These products have been approved for Next DICE event in December 2017

Sr No Name of Projects Department
1 Phytoremediation: A Green Technology to Bio-remediate Soil Pollutant via Local High Biomass Species Environmental Science
2 Environmental Impacts of Urban Air Pollution in Karachi City Environmental Science
3 Industrial & Domestic Waste Water Treatment by Electrocoagulation Technique using the Copper and Aluminum Electrode Environmental Science
4 Robotic car Computer Science Department
5 Ajrak Tutorial Computer Science Department
6 Smart Foodie Computer Science Department
7 Road Fit Business Plan Business Administration Department
8 Young Leaders of Pakistan Media Studies
9 Impact Assessment of Automobile Service Station Effluents of Karachi City Environmental Science