Success stories of GEP Project

Success stories of USAID supported Project and SMIU’s

GEP Project:  Institutionalization of Gender Sensitization and Gender Training Material in Public Sector Universities by Aurat Foundation under USAID supported Project” Gender Equity Program

I am a brother of 3 sisters I can better relate to the situations of giving preference to one gender. By attending these programs, I hope that the audience has got the concept that females are not burden on any family. They can do everything in the world.
We keep on telling stories about the hardships females use to face in their lives. I feel that instead of it we should work on giving confidence to females that they have their own identity and they can do everything in this world.
Haider Rizvi, Student, SMIU                      

I have learnt that being a nation if we want to prosper then we must be equal. Most importantly, girls should never be a victim, but they should have self-confidence to prove their capabilities. We can do anything if we have the will.
Maham Nasrullah, Student, SMIU          
By attending these GEP programs at SMIU, I have learnt that none of the gender is superior to other. They have capabilities in their own ways. Both men and women can do everything in the world whether it’s related to career, study or one’s own personal life.
These programs have made me realize the importance of my own rights being a woman. At our homes it is use to happen that boys are given preference, but now I have got courage to raise voice for my own rights.
Laiba Hussain,   Student, SMIU

Being a part of Aurat Foundation’s GEP was a thought-provoking experience for me as it not only allowed me to positively influence large groups of people but also increased my knowledge regarding women’s rights and laws protecting women.. More than 500 staff and students participated in the GEP at SMIU. For me, the fact that I helped bring about a change in society is what has kept me in the field of education for 27 years. People still come up to me to tell how they are improving their lives, and this experience has put a great impression on my professional and personal life.
Dr. Syeda Rakhshanda Kaukab, Faculty member, SMIU

Women empowerment can play an excellent role in the economic development of the country with awareness and realization of self-worth and an equal status of a man and a woman can easily narrow this gap. So being a demonstrator in this workshop it was a quite different and learning experience for me!
Ms. Uzma Batool, Deputy Director, SMIU