Success stories of students graduated from SMIU

Success stories of SMIU’s Graduates

SMIU was a life changing decision for me. My success started from best presentations in class to winning the gold medal. After being graduated I got a job in Express TV as social media executive which was my first success after graduation and one by one the roads of opportunities showed me the way. I am still working in Express TV and I have now made my roots deep and I do not waste a single opportunity to learn something new.
(Gul Afroz, Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

As I pen down to write my ‘success story as a teacher’ I have perceived success as a journey not a destination. My passion was to give vent to my creative side by joining channels. But destiny had some other story written for me and it landed me with a job as a teacher. I found that the more I gave, the more I got. This was not in terms of material gains which my job as a teacher could offer to me but spiritual happiness. This I got when I interacted with my students. Their thirst for knowledge, their enthusiastic responses, and their unconditional love left me in a state of Nirvana. What the great seers attained after many years of hard penance I achieved it in a say 45 or 35 minutes interaction with my students. This experience itself is the daily dose of my success story.
(Misbah Iqbal, Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

I am an Associate Director of a drama series named “Saheliyan”, produced by Big Bang Entertainment. It is an achievement for me that my hard work has paid off in a very short span of time. As I started my career a lot of new experiences have helped me strengthen my position as an AD and the road to success does not stop there for me.
(Muhammad Annus , Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

After doing my BS in Media Studies, I worked with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Films for a short period of time. I learned many essential and innovative things that helps me at every step of the way. And nowadays I am working as a freelance writer and theater artist.

(Khair Muhammad , Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

Being a part of this prestigious university, I have learned a lot. Started my beautiful journey from being a President of ART Society yet I did not had enough confidence to talk in front of so many people but I tried my best and started to talk publicly. From speeches to arranging biggest events of my university I have done everything I could do. I still remember the moment I proposed an idea and concept for PhotoBooth for Spring Festival and my idea is being used till date. Being selected a President for the second time was the happiest moment. A life changing opportunity was a 10 days trip to Islamabad which was sponsored by university for national leadership program and a trip to china in which I was among the top ten students who were selected for the memorable trip. I still remember the day I worked for whole day just to get 50 rupees as my first salary from the part time job I did and today, my hard work and efforts made those 50 rupees turned into 50,000 as I am currently working for Bol News having a permanent position as a Centralized Input Desk. All thanks to my teachers, my, dean, my parents, and this alma mater of Quaid-e-Azam who made me able to reach to this position.
(Hasnain Ali Banani, Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

It was an honor for me to get my degree from the Alma-Mater of Quaid-E-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. I started my internship program with Channel NewsOne as an Associate Producer, it was when I was in 4th semester and after a couple of months they offered me a job with the designation of Associate News producer. This was my first job and with the help and support of my parents and teachers who taught me everything and gave me the confidence I could grasp the world of professionalism. When I got my degree, the same channel upgraded my designation from Associate News Producer to News Producer. After serving the channel for more than two years I resigned. Now I am working with Pakistan's leading modelling agency 'Citrus Talent' as Casting Director.
(Furqan Belal, Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

Journalism has always fascinated me. I read newspaper daily, I watch the news. Being aware of what is happening always feels good. Television has become a major aspect of today’s Journalism. So, when the time came to choose the field for my bachelors Media Studies was the best option for me. Even in my BS I always enjoyed the tightness, the pressure, and the deadlines, whether they are for an assignment or for organizing festivals, I just find that challenging and I like challenges. I started working at the campus radio SM96.6 as a Producer, I was the Vise-President of an intra-university society called Arts Society. I was very active and involved in everything since the beginning. Now I am working in one of the leading Media House in Pakistan, Express Media Group. I work in the Creative Department as Creative Associate Copywriting & Production.
(Sumaira, Alumni, Media Studies Department, SMIU)

I completed my Bachelor in the field of Environmental Sciences from SMI University, and I feel much honored to be the first Gold Medalist from the department of Environmental Sciences and this is because of the sincere and earnest efforts of my teachers and my parents. All the support, cooperation and attention of my teachers and parents really helped me. I am very glad to be a part of such a lovely batch where everybody had been amazing and wonderful. Thank s to all my friends and fellows for being so nice to me.

I would like to thank everyone who became a part of my life in this prestigious institution. With the end, I pray with all my sincerity for this university to be successful in its aims and objectives and all the very best for its upcoming and bright future.
(Nimra Aslam, Alumni, Environmental Sciences Department)