SMIU awarded Top - Category in terms of quality of education by HEC

Sindh Madressatul Islam University has been awarded the topmost "W" category in terms of quality of education by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). "W" category was awarded to SMIU by HEC on the basis of multiple parameters including its evaluation of academic programmes.

It must be mentioned over here that Sindh Madressatul Islam University founded in 2012, is just three years old, but it has emerged as one the best universities of the country led by its Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh.

Sindh Madressatul Islam University is an Alma Mater of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who had studied over here for longest period of his academic career from 1887 to 1892. He had great love and reverence for his Alma Mater, as a result he had bequeathed one third of his personal property to Sindh Madressatul Islam through his Last Will and also up grated it from school to college in 1943.

Now Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Alma Mater has reached to the highest level of success and playing significant role in imparting quality education to young generation of the country.


SMIU has got the Memberships of renowned and reliable Quality Networks / Associations in a very short period of its inception:

  • International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)
  • Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN)
  • Association of Quality Assurance Agencies of the Islamic World (IQA)
  • The Talloires Network
  • Pakistan Chapter of the Talloires Network (PCTN)

Students' faculty and course assessments

QEC with the help of IT wing of the university has successfully designed an application for computerized assessments by the students during Spring 2015. This application will increase efficiency and produce reliable and quick results. This is also in line with the quality policy of HEC and is minimizing the time of analysis / reports.

Following surveys are successfully conducted online:

  • Online Students' Faculty Evaluation Spring 2015
  • Online Students' Course Evaluation Spring 2015
  • Online Course Evaluation by Teacher – Spring 2015

Successfully completed the following surveys:

  • Teachers Evaluation
  • Student Course Evaluation
  • Graduating Survey
  • Faculty Course Review Report

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Correspondence

QEC have successfully submitted the following Reports:

  • 2nd Annual Report (2014-15) to Higher Education Commission in August, 2015.
  • First Annual Report (2013-2014) to HEC & received appreciation and good score.

Self Assessment Reports (SAR)


  • BS Education
  • BS (Environmental Sciences)
  • BS (Computer Science)


  • BS (Media Studies)
  • B.Ed (Education)
  • M.Ed (Education)
  • MS (Environmental Sciences)
  • MS (Computer Science)
  • BBA (Business Administration)
  • MBA (Business Administration)

Higher Education Statistics (HES)

  • Provision of Information to Higher Education Statistics 2013-15 in August, 2015.
  • Higher Education Statistics Proforma (July 2011-June 2013).

PT/AT Members

  • QEC constituted different team members to prepare and evaluate SARs: namely
  • Program Team (PT)
  • Assessment Team (AT)

Self-Assessment Reports (SAR)

Three SARs Conducted and submitted to HEC till June 2015

  • BS Computer Science Department
  • BS Environmental Sciences Department
  • BS Education Department

Quality Policy at SMIU - Learning and drop box facilities