SMIU Campus Medical Unit


Information on accessing medical advice and guidance for staying healthy while studying at the University. From registering with University doctor to medical emergencies, information on dentists, opticians and other health services and supportive resources. SMIU Medical Unit is working in all aspects to facilitate school & university patients. SMIU Medical Unit is an airy and wide room, located adjacent to main SMIU library; well equipped with two examination couches one stretcher, and other necessary accessories.

Facilities / Setup of Medical Unit.

Necessary equipment such as B.P apparatus, glucometer, nebulizer, steamer, thermometer, weight machine, height scale, x-ray view box, examination lights, drip stand etc are available. Sufficient stock of emergency medicines such as pain killers, anti-allergic, anti-pyretic, anti tussive, is maintained and is provided free to visiting patients. First aid kit and minor surgery tray are also maintained in order to provide treatment for minor injuries. In addition A.T.S facility is also available.

Major Activities

Health cards for SMIU model school students have been prepared, which includes such data as general physical appearance, hygiene status, any significant illness or behavioral problem.
Medical identity cards of school students have been prepared, containing such information as age, blood group, and any known allergy. For this purpose, a blood group checking camp was Specially organized and its entire expenses were borne by the university administration. Medical history forms for university students are also maintained. Annual Health Report of school students have been prepared and distributed. In order to emphasize the importance of hygiene, a special event was arranged on Global Hand washing day.

Awareness Lectures

The university administration is very keen to create awareness regarding basic health problems and prevention and proper treatment of common diseases. For this purpose, number of lectures has been arranged separately for school and university students on different topics on different occasions like:

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Breast cancer
  • Puberty
  • Stress
  • Dental Hygiene , Hand hygiene, Fast & Junk Food are Killing us and Healthy Eating habits (Video Presentation)

Combining Health with Fun


  • Free Blood sugar testing
  • Free BMI
  • Free bone marrow density
  • Free eye testing
  • IQ and mind testing games
  • Lecture on self grooming by Beautician
  • International health day's celebration at SMIU

    • International Hand Washing Day (15th Oct)
    • Pink Ribbon Day Celebration (7th October)
    • Poster/play card competition among female students
    • Health Awareness session an Breast Cancer & its screening
    • Fun Games
    • Human Pink Ribbon made by female Students

    Health flyers on different health issues

    • Healthy Eid (2014)
    • Ramdan & Diet (2015)
    • Healthy Eid (2015)
    • Chicken Pox
    • Dengue Prevention
    • Heat Stroke

    Registering with a doctor in SMIU.

    Students need to register with campus doctor on prescribed form available on website or from Campus Medical Unit. Whilst every employee who intends to use the health care facility is required to bring referral letter duly signed by the respective section head.