Code of Conduct for Discipline of Students


Student Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Each student has a duty to understand the rules and regulations set forth by the University. Ignorance of the rule(s) or regulation(s) shall not be treated as excuse.
  2. Each student shall have the right to participate in all areas and activities of the University free from any form of discrimination including harassment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability and age.
  3. Students shall have the right to pursue their educational goals and to enjoy the opportunity to participate in various educational and extracurricular activities present on campus.
  4. Each student shall have the responsibility to pursue academics honestly and to attend class regularly and in good faith. Students shall be honest in all interactions with other students, faculty, and staff.
  5. Each student shall have the responsibility to respect the rights and property of others including students, faculty, staff, and University guests and visitors.
  6. Each student is expected to comply with directives of University officials who are acting in the performance of University-related duties. Students must comply with directives even when they disagree with them. A student retains the right to appeal an issued directive through the administrative structure that exists for the faculty or staff member who issued the directive, through established policies.
  7. Each student shall be responsible for carrying identification (SMI University Student ID Card) at all times that clearly indicates he or she is student at SMI University.
  8. Each student shall have the responsibility of recognizing that his or her behavior reflects not only on the individual, but also on the entire University community. This responsibility extends to University-sponsored travel and events that occur off campus.
  9. Each student shall have the responsibility of being good stewards of the University's resources.

Code of Conduct for Students

All University students shall be under the full disciplinary control of the SMIU. No student shall be allowed to participate in politics. The action against the act of indiscipline shall include fines, debarring from attending class and cancellation of admission, depending on the gravity of indiscipline.

The following shall constitute acts of indiscipline for which action may be taken against the student or students:
  • Breach of any rule of public morals, such as:
    • Use of indecent or filthy language
    • Use of immodest dress;
    • Use of undesirable remarks or gestures; and disorderly behavior, such as shouting, abusing, quarrelling, fighting and disrespect or whatsoever
    • Wall Chalking, posting posters and pictures of any kind
    • No Flags other than National/University Flag
  • Disobedience of authority.
  • Any action defamatory or derogatory to any religion
  • Immorality
  • Use of drugs/smoking
  • Giving false information or willful suppression of information, cheating or deceiving
  • Inciting or staging a walk-out, a strike or an unauthorized procession
  • Shouting slogans, degrading the prestige of the University or the reputation of its officers or teachers
  • Visiting places declared out of bounds for students


  • Every student must carry his/her Student Identity Card, which will be demanded at the time of entrance to the various sections/ departments of the SMIU.
  • No student will be admitted to the facilities like library, transport or canteen unless he/she is in possession of the Identity Card.