Collaboration with Chinese Universities

Visit of Chinese delegation


Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) and representatives of seven universities and colleges of Hainan province of China signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) on June 13, 2015 during the visit of Chinese delegation to the SMIU.
According to the Memorandums of Understanding, Hainan University will extend its cooperation to SMIU in educational and scientific fields; the Hainan Normal University will cooperate in communication and cooperative relations and Qiongzhou University in the field of academic, science, technology and students' exchange cooperation while Hainan College of Economics and Business, Hainan College of Vocation, Technique, Hainan College of Software Technology and Qiongtai Teachers' College will extend their cooperation in education, science, technology and students' exchange programs. Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor SMIU, while welcoming the delegation of Chinese universities and colleges at the Seminar Hall of SMIU, said Pakistan and China have close and friendly relations and these agreements will further strengthen the ties of brotherhood and cooperation among the two nations. He said that people of Pakistan have great respect for people of China and want to work closely with them.


The vice chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University suggested jointly organizing an International Educational Conference in Sindh by SMIU and the universities of Hainan province.
Endorsing the idea, Chinese delegation said that it word be a good opportunity for them to explore ways and means for cooperation in the field of education in Asia.
Mr. Liao Qinglin, Deputy Director General, Education Department of Hainan, said China and Pakistan have very close relations spread over more than 60 years. The two nations are good friends and good neighbours. "The main objective of our visit to SMIU was to enhance friendship and cooperation in education and other related fields," he said and underlined the need of enhanced cooperation between the universities of China and Pakistan. He hoped that the two countries would benefit from the agreements, singed between various educational institutions of Hainan and Sindh Madressatul Islam University.
On the occasion, a documentary about history, life, resources, education, tourism and other related matters of Hainan province, was screened by the Chinese delegation. It was followed by question- answer session.
The visitors visited the SMIU FM Radio Studio (SM 96.6), which has two studios separated by sound-proofed glass windows. Both studios have state-of-the-art equipment's allied audio gears. The visitors were told that it broadcasts variety of programs mainly in Education, Career Counseling, Health, Infotainment, Business, Sports and SMI Alumni's Show etc. SMI Radio SM 96.6 is being operated largely by the University students with the help of University's professional staff. This radio station provides hands on training to students in audioproduction; script writing, anchoring and editing. It aims to offer distance learning programs in future. The visitors visited the SMIU Television Studio, which has an up-to-date facility that incorporates today's digital and HD technology into a live to tape workflow format. The Production Control Room houses the nerve center of the facility with its 55 inch LCD multi view monitor, and the digital video switcher facility with its 55 inch LCD multi view monitor, and the digital video switcher – vision mixer with chroma key. The studio floor has been fitted with digital HD cameras, tripods and a professional lighting grid. In the last Hainan delegate visited the Jinnah Museum which contains the relics associated with the founder of the institution, Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi, as well as educational records of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other alumni. The visitors showed great interest in the historic relics and building structure of Sindh Madressatul Islam University.
The visitors also met SMIU Faculty and Administrative Team and exchanged experiences. At the end of the day ceremony for signing of Memorandum of Understanding took place. Honorable Worthy Vice Chancellor Mohammad Ali Shaikh signed 7 MoU's with Hainan delegate, which focused on its cooperation in education, science, technology and students exchange, respectively.

The Hainan Delegate was comprised of the following representatives:

  • I. Mr. Liao Qinglin, Education Department of Hainan
  • II. Mr. Zhang Cha, Director Education Department of Hainan
  • III. Mr. Dong Dongdong, Teacher and interpreter for the delegation
  • IV. Mr. Yang Yungshen, Dean, International Exchange School
  • V. Mr. Chen Jiang, Associate Dean, International Exchange School
  • VI. Madam Wei Jing, Associate Dean, International Corporate Division
  • VII. Madam Zhang Chunling, Dean, School for International Students
  • VIII. Mr. Lin Chunguang, Deputy Director, Division of student affairs
  • IX. Mr. Shang Zhiqiang, Director of Foreign Affairs Division, Hainan Foreign Language College
  • X. Mr. Huang Zinai, Director of Foreign affairs Division, Hainan Foreign Language College
  • XI. Ms. Zhan Shanguo, Staff of Foreign office, Hainan Vocational Training School

SMIU's Partner Chinese Universities

1. Qiongzhou University


Qiongzhou University (QZU) is the only state owned comprehensive university of the south most coastal city in China which is coconstructed by Hainan Provincial People's Government and Sanya Municipal People's Government. It is honorably approved as one of the only ten "Educational Aid Center of the Ministry of Education" and enjoyed the priority to establish Postgraduate Education Institution for MTA (Master of Tourism Administration) with the approval of the State Council Academic Degree Committee in the program of "Talent Cultivation Program for National Special Needs". QZU is a member university of the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It serves as a cradle of talents cultivation for south central Hainan and functions as a center for knowledge innovation, social service and culture inheritance.


WEI Jing, Director of the Office of International Cooperation & Exchanges in Qiongzhou University, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

QZU has 9 experiment centers and 13 schools offering degrees and diplomas for MTA (Master Of Tourism Administration), 39 undergraduate programs and 12 three-year education programs. Its educational disciplines have expanded into 9 fields which are Literature, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Law, History, Agriculture and Education and Arts. The university has 1 national discipline comprehensive reform pilot project, 4 provincial supported and nurtured key disciplines, 5 national characteristic majors, 11 provincial excellent courses, 6 provincial teaching teams, 2 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center for fundamental courses. QZU preliminarily built and formed a system of academic disciplines characterized by tourism, nationality, marine and ecology.
Currently, QZU has about 1000 faculty members including 605 full-time teachers. 214 teachers are of high academic qualifications and 373 teachers are of masters' degree or above. Some are enjoying state-council-level special allowances and allowances for excellent provincial experts. Some are elected as national candidates of the "New Century Ten Million Talents Project", first and second-level candidates of provincial 515 talents project, national excellent teachers and provincial star teachers. More PhD supervisors and dual-qualification teachers who have both education qualification and field working experience in enterprises or scientific research institutions also have joined us and contribute to a more prosperous future. 1. Qiongzhou University WEI Jing,

2. Hainan University


Merged with the South China University of Tropical Agriculture and the former Hainan University in August 2007, the present Hainan University is a key comprehensive university at provincial level as well as a university jointly sponsored by Hainan people's government and the Ministry of Education. It is one of the "211 Project" key universities.
The university runs three campuses, namely the Haidian Campus, the Chengxi Campus, and the Danzhou Campus. Its main campus is the Haidian Campus, which is located on Haidian Island of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province. The total area of the three campuses covers approximately 830 acres.
There are 2,431 faculty members, with 1,596 full time teaching staff, 900 senior lecturers and 346 doctoral degrees.


YANG Yunsheng, Dean of International Education College in Hainan University China, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

The total number of enrolled students amount to 37,900. Authorized by the State Council Overseas Chinese Office as one of the educational base, the university has cultivated more than 3,000 overseas students so far. HU highlights four aspects while running the school: tropic, ocean, special administrative region and tourism. It offers 9 categories of disciplines in philosophy, economics, law, literature, natural sciences, agriculture, engineering and management.
It has 4 major academics schools including 21 colleges and hosts 2 national level key disciplines, 1 national key support discipline, 6 national key construction disciplines of the "211"Project for higher education, 12 provincial and ministerial level key disciplines, 1 national key laboratory (cultivation base) comanaged by the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, 1 national level demonstration center of experimental teaching, 8 key laboratories and 4 engineering research institutes of provincial and ministerial level. There are 1 Mobile post-doctoral station, 5 Primary Discipline Doctoral, 32 Subordinate Discipline Doctoral, 24 Primary Discipline postgraduate programs, 119 subordinate discipline postgraduate programs and 74 undergraduate programs.

3. Hainan College of Software Technology


Hainan College of Software Technologyis located in the center of Qionghai, a small city near the coastal town of Bo'Ao (permanent site of the Bo'Ao Forum for Asia) and a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.
The city enjoys a long history and prosperous culture. People here are honest and hospitable. Being quiet, warm, peaceful, delicate and pretty, the city is suitable for study and habitation. As one of the Top Tourist Cities in China, there are many travel spots in or near Qionghai, such as Wanquan River, Baishi Mountain, Guantang Hot Spring Valley, Garden in Memory of Detachment of Women, Coco village, Bo'Ao Aquapolis, Oriental Culture Garden of Bo'Ao and the Conference Center for Bo'Ao Forum for Asia. On the weekends, you may enjoy swimming at the beach, relaxing in nearby hot springs, hiking, or cycling through coconut groves and pineapple plantations.


SHANG Zhiqiang, Dean of Foreign Language College in Hainan College of Software Technology, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

HNCST consists of 9 departments, namely Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Information Management, Digital Design, Electronic Engineering,Arts & Media, Foreign Languages & Tourism, Basic Education, and Social Sciences. There are 30 majors offered, with 6000 students currently enrolled. The college has been well received by all circles in the society for its high-quality talent training and good reputation. It has been awarded as "National Civilization Unit", "National Advanced Institution in Arts Education", "National Advanced Institution in Multimedia Education, "Advanced Institution on Graduates' Employment Services in Hainan Colleges and Universities", "Hainan Excellent Institution in School Safety Work" and so on.

4. Hainan College of Economics and Business


Hainan University, founded in 1983, is the only comprehensive and key university of Hainan Province. The year 2006 witnessed the great event that the university was awarded i@Ai by Ministry of Education for her great achievements in undergraduate education.
The university has 14 schools and 2 departments and offers 40 undergraduate programs and 44 postgraduate programs. The university has 42 research centers, the largest library in the province. In the past three years, more than 752 scientific research projects have been undertaken, sixty of which are national ones. Hainan University attaches much importance to academic exchange and cooperation with foreign universities and research institutes, and she has made agreements with more than 30 universities in more than 10 countries and regions.


ZHANG Chunling, Dean of International Education School in Hainan College of Economic and Business, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

5. Hainan College of Vocation and Technique


Hainan College of Vocation and Technique is the first polytechnic vocational college in Hainan province, and it is under the direct administration of Hainan provincial government. In July, 2008, it was included by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in the special project of "role model vocational college of the country".
The college is located in the capital city of the province. The campus covers an area of 64.3 hectares (including 51 hectares of the new campus under construction) with the campus buildings accounting for 180,000 square meters. There is a library with a collection of 600,000 books and 59 different labs for skill training. The investment on teaching equipment has reached 38million RMB. The college has 500 teachers, 82% of whom come from factories and enterprises. The college has produced one special teaching team at national level, two at provincial level, and one teacher that enjoys the reputation as a teaching expert at national level. The college has also obtained two awards of the first prize for special teaching achievements at provincial level.


Wu Xiaohuai, Dean of Tourism School of Hainan College of Vocation and Technique, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

With the help of different enterprises, the college has established 1 training base with the financial support from the Central Government, 4 key training centers at provincial level, 4 demonstrative centers for experimental teaching at provincial level, 156 bases for students' internship outside school and such number ranks the first among the vocational colleges in the province. College has a French training center, the Province's 53 Assessment Office for Professional Techniques, ATA Specialty authorized Test Office, a national Assessment Office for Electronic Commerce.
The college consists of seven schools which include School of Economics and Trade, School of Transportation and Information Engineering, School of Bioengineering, School of Tourism and Art, School of International Business Management, School of Civil Engineering and School of International Education. We currently offer courses for 42 majors, among which the major of Animal Husbandry has become the so called "A refined program" in national vocational education. The major of Applied Foreign Technology of Automobile has been listed as one of the province's first pilot majors for educational reform. Three courses such as Network Marketing, Jewelry Appraisal, Animal Raising and Nutrition have been appraised as excellent vocational courses at national level while Technical Skills for Planting and Gardening and other seven courses have been appraised as excellent vocational courses at provincial level. We have 9000 full-time students. From 2010, we start recruiting students from up to 25 provinces and cities of the country.
The college attaches great importance to international and domestic exchanges and cooperation, and has formed ties with College of Rene Auffray of France and Holland College of Prince Edward Island of Canada, and has thus far sent 49 students to France for their Bachelors or Masters, as well as receiving 26 French students for their internship. The college and the aforesaid Holland College jointly recruited 100 students for the major of PE Services and Management with the orientation of Golf Club Management. The College has also cooperated with different institutes of higher education and enterprises to bring up talents, and these schools and companies include Tian Tsin University, Boao Forum for Acia, Haikou Luoniushan Shareholding Company for Agriculture, industry and Trade, the No. 1 Hainanmatsuda Automobile Company, Hainan South Mountain Culture and Tourism Development Company.

6. Qiongtai Teachers College


Hainan and Taiwan is by the National Ministry of education approved the establishment of teacher's colleges public full-time college, its predecessor, The Qiongtai Academy was founded in 1705, the transmission from generation to generation, and so far, more than 300 years of history. Her southern border region economic construction and social development education has many talents, establish a reputation both at home and abroad "century normal school"- Jo brand.
School is located in the Hainan Provincial capital of Haikou, is political, economic and cultural center of Hainan. School covers an area of 925.81 acres, 319960.99 square meters.


LIN Chunguang, Vice-Director of Academic Affairs Office in Qiongtai Teachers College, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

Campus planning, tree-lined, educational facilities excellent living conditions. The theoretical education in school attaches great importance to library materials, experimental and practice training base construction and featured placement of student employment. Schools established a perfect student and scholarship system, encouraging students to work hard to achieve education al goals.

Department Settings:

  • Chinese Department
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Foreign Language Department
  • Department of preschool education
  • Department of music and dance
  • The fine arts department
  • Department of physical education
  • Department of tourism management
  • Department of social sciences

  • 7. Hainan Normal University


    Hainan Normal University is teacher education in Hainan Province has a long history, distinctive, integrated strong provincial universities, and is located in the beautiful historical and cultural cities-Haikou coastal tourist city, country.
    Hainan Normal University, formerly built in Kangxi 44 years (1705), The Qiongtai Academy, autumn 1949 formally created "National Institute of Hainan teachers' College." 1952 renamed Hainan teachers ' College in the adjustment of colleges and universities. 1983 re-enrolled undergraduates. There are 4 doctoral level subjects, 11-level discipline master, 3 professional degree program, 53 undergraduate majors. Facing the country 30 provinces (cities, districts) of admissions. Existing students more than 20,000 people, Ph.D. 11, postgraduate 696 people, full-time undergraduates, 17211 people, students, 153.


    LIU Jiang, Dean of International Culture Communication College in Hainan Normal University, signing MoU with Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU.

    Foundation graduates are known for their thick, highquality, capability and the community are very much welcome. School of cultivating talents of more than 140,000 people, 80% per cent of secondary school teachers in Hainan, 90% backbone of middle school principals, teachers, and teaching are graduates of Qiongdao school. School known as "the Qiongdao School, teacher's cradle".
    In recent years, school quality project as the starting point, with the focus on construction, actively advancing the reform of education and teaching, and achieved remarkable results. State-level experimental teaching demonstration Center has built 1, 5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration Center, national education base of college students ' taking practice 1, provincial college students practice base outside school 1, national talent training mode innovation experimental zone 1, national professional comprehensive reform pilot 1, Department of education features professional 3, the Ministry of education of college students ' innovative experimental projects on 130. The past five years, a total of 648 students receive an award 245 in national academic competitions.