Facilities at SMIU


The Library is housed in the Main Building. It has two sections: conventional and digital, which is looked after by a team of qualified librarians and technical staff. Presently the library has more than fifteen thousand books, some of which are rare ones. The library subscribes to about three dozen national and international research journals in addition to HEC sponsored access.

Computer Laboratory

The institution has three computer laboratories equipped with most modern desktops, laptops, scanners, printers, multimedia projectors and other technical equipment. The labs are managed by highly qualified technical staff.

Wi-Fi Internet Access

The internet is readily accessed through Wi-Fi. All University computer system users and laptops are granted access to the University's internet connection. This connection provides a super high-speed link for research journals, research repositories on internet, electronic libraries and e-mail. SMIU is continuously improving its facilities with cutting edge technology.

Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium

The institution has a fully air-conditioned and state-of-the-art auditorium named after one of its illustrious old students Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto. It is located in the Main Building. It is used for holding extensive lectures and other functions of the institution. Co-curricular programs like debates, declamation contests, quiz competitions, drama and variety of functions are organized on regular basis. The students of various departments/ sections take part in such programs under a pre-planned schedule supervised by the co-curricular activities committee.

Conference Room

The University has large conference room as well as meeting room for frequent arrangement of meetings.

Audio-Visual Facilities

For effective teaching and learning process, the courses are designed to be conducted with the help of audio visual facilities such as overhead projector, slide projectors, multimedia, videos, films, software programs, models and charts, etc., in addition to using conventional black/white boards.


Cafeteria provides quality food and beverages items at reasonable cost to students, faculty and staff members, ensuring their health and safety.


A unique feature of the institution; is presence of two mosques, which are over a century old. One of them is for Sunni and other for Shia students. Both of the mosques are located a few yards away from each other within the premises of the institution.

Medical Services

Medical services are available for students, staff and faculty members at the campus.