Fee Structure

Undergraduate Programs
a) Application Processing Fee (To be deposited with Registration Form) Rs. 1500 - (paid once)
b) Admission Fee (At the time of Admission) Rs. 5000 - (paid once)
c) Security Deposit/ Caution Money (refundable) Rs.5000 - (paid once)
d) Student Fund/ Activity Charges Rs.1000 per semester
e) Tuition Fee Rs.4000 per course
f) (Full load of six courses/ semester) Rs. (4000X6) = 24000
Examination Fee is included.
Fee Structure for MBA, MS Program
Graduate Program
Description Fee (MBA & MS)
Application Processing Fee (Paid Once) Rs. 1500
Security Deposit (Paid Once) Rs. 5000
Student Fund (Per Semester) Rs. 2000
Lab and Library Charges (Per Semester) Rs. 2000
Enrollment Fee (Paid Once) Rs. 3000
Admission Fee (Paid Once) Rs. 7000
Tuition Fee (Per Course) Rs. 7500
Fee Structure for Phd Program
Post Graduate Program (PhD In Computer Science)
Description Fee (PhD.)
Application Processing Fee Rs. 1500
Admission Fee (Paid Once) Rs. 20000
Security Deposit (Paid Once) Rs. 5000
Semester Registration Fee (Per Semester) Rs. 10000
Tuition Fee (Per Course) Rs. 9000
Thesis Supervision Fee (Per Year) Rs. 30000
Thesis Evalution Fee (Per Evalute Fee) Rs. 50000
Thesis Defense Fee Rs. 20000
  • Registration fee is once payable, hence to be paid only at the time of admission

 Following two categories of scholarships could be availed by students