From the Vice Chancellor

Since its inceptions on 1st September 1885, SMI has been an institution of international character. From the very beginning, it offered educational opportunities to the people living in Sindh as well as catered for the educational needs of people living in other regions and countries. Hence, a considerable number of its student body during the initial years of its establishment came from Afghanistan, Persia (present Iran) and other countries in the region. Like its student body, its faculty also used to be multinational in character, with several of its principals coming from the United Kingdom (UK).

After becoming a university, SMIU is in process of reviving and re-strengthening its international character. It has embarked upon its journey to establish international linkages with highly reputed seats of learning all over the world. In this regard, the university ushered into a new era of internationalization when its Syndicate recently resolved to open its first offshore campus in Sri Lanka. Another first recently achieved had been the visit of the students and faculty of SMIU to some of the leading British universities this year under the Future Leaders Program, in collaboration with the British Council.

In addition to that SMIU has signed agreements of academic collaborations with seven Chinese universities and institutions of higher learning recently when a delegation representing these institutions visited its campus. Under one such agreement the first batch of twenty students of SMIU are to embark on a semester long study and stay, from February to July 2016, at one of our partner Chinese universities. SMIU is looking forward to extend same hospitality to the students from China in due course of time, for which the modalities are being worked out.

Furthermore, SMIU encourages its students to get fully benefited from the educational opportunities offered by various agencies and organizations of the United States. I, myself being a former Fulbright Scholar at American University, Washington DC, am aware of the tremendous benefits associated with acquiring quality education offered by the US universities. In this regard high ranking US officers including the US Consul General in Karachi have been kind enough to visit SMIU and speak to our students and faculty as to encourage them to apply and compete for various scholarship offered by the United States.

SMIU has also obtained memberships of several reputed international associations of the universities as well as quality assurance agencies. These memberships not only help enhance the collaborations in teaching and research but also help improve the quality of teaching and learning.

The present publication outlines some of the initiatives undertaken in this regard. We at SMIU hope that through these efforts on part of our university and our international partners, our educational institutions shall be able to bring the people of various regions closer to each other, enabling them to serve the cause of education, humanity and peace in a better way.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh