Print Short Courses



  • To train the participants in such a way that they will learn the basic techniques and principles for writing in newspaper.
  • Improve the basic writing skills.
  • Make them understand the difference between writing for print media and electronic media.
  • Help them to learn the newspaper writing techniques.
  • Help them to understand the common technologies used in print media.


  • Qualities of good journalistic writing
  • Letters to the editor
  • News writing and reporting
  • Creating Captions
  • Feature writing
  • Press releases
  • Interview techniques
  • Article writing
  • Editorial writing
  • Column writing
  • Writing reviews
  • Editing and proof reading
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN    (Course Code: PM002)

     Course objectives:

  • Know- how to produce effective programs
  • Know the different kinds of radio editing software
  • Understand Computer-based sound editing.
  • Understand the basics of radio operations.
  • Analyze different kinds of programming techniques.
  • Prepare programs for target audience.
  •  Content:

  • Role: Station Manager to Broadcast Assistant
  • Hourly Clock: 24 Hours Schedule of Station
  • Programming: music, news, skits, jingles, etc.
  • Creating IDs and Slogans
  • Timing: using the clock to plot out your show
  • The basics of editing using music.
  • The basics of mixing using a variety of sounds.
  • Carrying out, listen back, analysis and correction of exercises.