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Students Societies

Directorate of Students, Affairs facilitates the students and provides them the opportunity to develop their, management, communication, team building, social and leadership skills. In this globally competitive age, it is imperative to provide the students with opportunities to develop and hone the said skills. Presently Six Clubs/Societies are working under the Directorate of Students Affairs.

Each Society/Club has 60-80 student members, which is managed by Directorate Students Affairs and headed by a faculty member , under whom President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary (Male) and Joint Secretary (Female) are elected through election process. Female Students are actively participating in Election Process. Each Society/Club has four elected representatives. During the election of Clubs/Societies in 2014, Twenty-four (24) representatives were elected. Out of 24 elected representatives, 09 were females.

Different Societies/ Clubs are working at Sindh Madressatul Islam University.

1. Debating Society:


The Society is dedicated to bring together the debaters for holding and participating in HEC, Intra University, National and International debates.

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2. Art Society:


Under this Society, artistic talent of students is promoted through a series of activities. the activities include Painting, Drama competition, Mime and the Fashion shows etc. This Society brings together younger Journalist, Publishers, Photographers, Amateur Directors and every one interested in the Print and the Electronic Media. It also deals with media coverage inside the university, covering events, functions, publishing of Magazines and Newsletters etc. Besides these, the Society arranges Movie Night for the students.

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3. Community Service Society:


This Society hosts a variety of informational entertainment and social activities. These include Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Focus Groups Discussions, Trips, Concerts, Festivals and Farewell Dinners etc.

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4. Literary Society:


The main objective of the Society is to digout and nurture talent of students. Students are provided platforms for musical experiments and exposure of different bands in the University. Under this Society, Urdu Mushaira and Essay competition (Intra- University) are arranged.

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5. Science Society:

Science Society

Anything at all to do with Computers falls within the scope of this Society. Promotion of the latest developments in Computer and difficulties /problems they encounter, fall in this Society. Poster competitions and other Computers related competitions are held under this society. Identification and remedial measures of environmental hazards. Arrangements of awareness campaigns regarding the environmental issues also come under this Society.

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6. Sports Society :

Sports Society

The importance of Sports in the life of the students is invaluable and plays a pivotal role in their overall development.Healthy body creates healthy mind.

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