U.S. Consul General's visit

U.S Consul General in Karachi Mr. Brian Heath holding meeting with Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor Sindh Madressatul Islam University at his office during his visit to the university.


Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh presenting a copy of the book "Sindh Through the Centuries" to Mr. Brain Heath. The book contains research papers presented by historians on the occasion of "Second International Seminar on Sindh Through the Centuries" organized by SMIU in 2014.

U.S Consul General in Karachi Mr. Brian Heath visited Sindh Madressatul Islam University on May 21, 2015. He, along with his team, held meeting with Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor SMIU at his office. Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh briefed him about SMIU's history and its present status.

On this occasion, Dr Shaikh presented to US Envoy a set of his books written on Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and SMIU. He also presented him cultural gifts of Sindhi Ajrak and other things.

Mr. Brian Heath visited the Jinnah Museum of SMIU and showed keen interest in relics and academic credentials of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other old students. He also saw the old record of SMIU preserved at the museum.

Later, addressing the students and faculty of SMIU at Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium of SMIU, the US Consul General said that Sindh Madressatul Islam University was one of the oldest educational institution of South Asia that has played very important role in transforming the society through modern education.


U.S. Consul General addressing students and faculty of SMIU at Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium of SMIU.

Mr. Brian Heath further said that the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had also received his education from Sindh Madressatul Islam, which shows importance of this institution. He congratulated Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, faculty and students on getting university status for Sindh Madressatul Islam.
Mr. Brian Heath said USA and Pakistan have relations since 1947 when USA had recognized it as a sovereign county and they still have strong relations. "Pakistan and USA are long term friends and allies of each other," he commented and said USA is trying to build domestic capacity of Pakistan. "This is why we are supporting it in energy sector, which is essential for growth of economy in the country."
Mr. Brian Heath said USA supports Pakistan to become strong and stable in every sphere of life including economy, education and social sector. "Our main focus is education in Pakistan and also we are providing opportunities to Pakistan's graduates in large number to get education in best universities of USA through scholarships. There are many programmes for students of Pakistan, but they have to pass GRE and fulfill other academic requirements," he maintained.


Vice Chancellor SMIU addressing students and faculty of SMIU at Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium of SMIU.

The US Consul General said: "We are also working with government of Sindh since 2011 and providing financial support to it for educational development in the province." He was of the view that a country can be developed through education only. Earlier, Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University, in his welcome address said the visit of US Consul General to SMIU is a beginning of new era for the institution. He told that before him, his predecessor had visited SMI in 2004, but Mr. Brian Heath is the first US Consul General who has visited this institution after its becoming a university.
He said that SMIU was playing a role of building bridges between people of different communities, cultures and religions. "Apart from it, we are also working for peace and harmony in the country and region and the world at large." He said: "We have to learn many things in education, including governance of universities, research and quality of education from USA as it is providing high quality education to its own students and also to the international students." Dr Shaikh said although China and USA have differences on many issues but a large number of international students comes to USA from China.


Executive Director USEFP's visit

The Executive Director, United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP), Mrs. Rita Bruun Akhtar has said that the USEFP is arranging Fulbright Scholarships for students of Pakistan. Hence they should come forward and avail this opportunity on the basis of merit and hard work.
She said this while delivering a lecture to the faculty and students of Sindh Madressatul Islam University on "Educational Opportunities in USA" on 26 February 2015, at Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium of SMIU.

She added that the USEFP announces 250 scholarships for Pakistan every year. This year, 150 persons were being sent to USA, of which 23 percent candidates were selected form Sindh Province.


Mrs. Rita Akhtar further said that a large number of students from China and India were availing similar facilities. She added that 50 percent of the scholarships were reserved for women.
She emphasized that the students of Sindh must avail these scholarship opportunities of the United States. Ms. Rita Akhtar lauded the role of Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh for furtherance of education of SMIU and said that the number of students from Sindh has increased because of the efforts of Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, who is a member of the Board of Directors of USEFP. She hoped that the number of students from Sindh will further increase in the future.

She maintained that the USEFP has been extending facilities for furtherance of quality education in various subjects for students all over the world purely on their academic merit. Ms. Rita Bruun Akhtar further informed that there were two programmes - one was Fulbright Scholar Programme, and the other a Global Undergraduate Programme.
She stressed upon the students to work hard and devote time to studies so that they could be selected for higher education in renowned universities of the USA. Later, she answered some queries of interested students. She also announced that the USEFP would be providing books for the library of SMIU.


Earlier, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, presented the welcome address and said that the Executive Director USEFP, Ms Rita Akhtar was visiting the university to interact with teachers and students who intended to go to USA for higher studies. He said that merit would be the ultimate basis for selection, and any applicant willing to dedicate himself to hard work would be facilitated to avail these scholarships. He informed that he himself had been selected as a Fulbright Scholar purely on merit basis.
The lecture session was attended by Deans, Chairpersons of various departments, faculty members and students of the SMIU.